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Uttaranchal Special Tour

While travelling has become a necessity in the present world scenario in order to feel refreshed, the crowd of Uttaranchal Tour Packages providers is growing at an immense pace. Part reason for it is being one of the most beautiful places not only in the country but the entire world. There are many places to see in the 7 days 8 night tour packages which come in many different sizes and differ on the level of affordability and in order to make out the best of your tour, we advise you to find the best Uttaranchal Tour Packages provided by UK Travels India based on your sensibilities. The main highlights of our special Uttaranchal Tour Package are mentioned below.

The tour begins from the national capital, New Delhi. The half a day sightseeing will involve not too many, but a few key historical monuments in and around Delhi. The national capital deserves the place that is has among the travel junkies across the nation and the trip is however short, but worth it. The brief half a day stint with Delhi ends around the night and after that follows the stay in the hotel according to the package.

The second day of the trip begins with the very beautiful city Nainital. The city itself happens to be a perfect candidate for the saying that goes heaven on earth. The eccentric beauty of the place makes you forgive the cruel hundreds of kilometres ride that you had to take from Delhi. Post the sightseeing, come back to the hotel in order to take the rest for the day and as you close your eyes, the beautiful visuals that you witnessed during the day makes a way into your dreams and makes the wait for the next day pretty hard.

The next is more or less the same, providing a great look at some more places in the city mostly the hilly areas that caters most to the slightly more inclined towards adventurous life. Once again, the day ends with the stay in the hotel. The next day begins with about a 70 kilometre ride to one other beautiful hill station called Ranikhet. The lush greenery and the highly photogenic surreal imagery in front of the eyes makes this eye watering heaven or a city special to the travellers, especially the ones making the trip for the first time in their lives. The unforgettable day ends with an overnight stay in the hotel.

The day after is dedicated half to Ranikhet and the rest to a very beautiful place called Kausani. Almora is the next destination beyond that and the trip is finally over giving you a bittersweet taste and an experience of a lifetime.

 Out of the many different tour packages there is one Uttaranchal Tour Package by UK Travels India that is something you must go through once atleast. There are so many things to explore and see in there and more and more people are beginning to opt for the Uttaranchal Tour Package.


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